This week management theory and South West Music Awards on Phonic FM #SWMA12 #mtw3

I am continuing #mtw3 on LinkedIn this week and also contributing to two radio shows around the South West Music Awards in Exeter.

#mtw3 is shaping around design science. Still not sure that everyone has the same understanding of what this is. But it is a theme that connects management and teaching.

Do we actually design radio shows? JD has almost accepted this on the Wild Show but he stops at the idea of science. Radio requires skill he reckons. It cannot be planned exactly.

Thursday night Chris Norton intends to video some of the Awards event on an iPhone and load very quickly to YouTube, maybe Soundcloud. I think this is the main news item so far. I know this is possible but I don't come across it. I use a Kodak Zi8 myself so upload a day or so later. I have bought a Nexus 7 but there is only one camera. Not sure how this will work.

We have a lot of tracks from YouTube already. See playlist

There will be two shows, the normal Wild Show 10-12 on Thursday and a special same time on Friday. It should be possible to play anything we get to YouTube or Soundcloud direct to radio. So unless some of the recording works out both shows may be much the same as the playlist.

Not sure what will turn up.