Towards a theory of PR for Creative Commons events #A2DMusicExpo #likeminds


This previous post links to video clips from last Saturday. I hope the Creative Commons choice will stay ok with the performers. It will allow the remix button to show on YouTube so there could be future combinations, including other times and places.

Previously I have tried to work out if there is a general theory of PR that relates to this sort of thing. Last year Watershed PR handled the animation at Exeter cathedral. They were explicit that this was on a Creative Commons basis, including the YouTube clip with an excellent soundtrack. I was encouraged to do interviews and again this was posted on a Creative Commons licence.

I don't know if the people in these videos from the Phoenix bar have an explicit PR policy. Something will emerge though as more connections are made.

Towards the end of May there will be another #likeminds in Exeter. I don't know how music will feature. But there could be continued discussion about how events and performance are recorded. 

A lot of the time I just assume a Creative Commons style of PR policy. For example on the Wild Show this Thursday I may broadcast sound from YouTube clips about #likeminds on Exeter Quay. I sort of assume this is ok. But the Creative Commons box on YouTube has not been ticked on this one so far.

When Dan Jarvis MP was a guest on the Wild Show I asked him why he did not choose Creative Commons on his Flickr page. He said he would have a look at this and I notice that Michael Gove did choose Creative Commons for his speech at BETT on YouTube. 

I would welcome more explicit policy on this. It would benefit reporting and linking content together.

Below, interview with Cllr Paul Bull soon after the Wild Show with Dan Jarvis MP. Phoenix Bar lighting much better than the basement.