Trying out Cross Media as an event in slow motion

Sorry for delay in writing up Cross Media Live. Various things are taking up time. I think this was a major event but I can't get a grasp on the time context. It may be part of a fairly long process as part of another one. The legitimate British printing industry was definitely part of it. some of the ideas have been presented in other places and times but the idea of hard copy as part of communication is something to develop. The reports so far suggest there were more people there from marketing than from print, with a considerable number from publishing.

I have started to play with the idea of a Zone of Proximal Development somewhere between Cross Media and IPEX. So in space it follows the canal from Islington to the River Lee then down the river to ExCel. In time it will be October 2013 to March 2014. The learning theory is that "scaffolding" helps people move through a developmental stage. But this assumes that some scaffolding exists. I am still not sure what was concluded at Cross Media 2012. Whatever it was may be rewritten.

So I am looking forward to the London College of Communication Futures Conference  on 7th November. The change of name from London College of Print was followed by using the words "design" and "media" instead of print and publishing. Maybe there is some sense in this that will be clear eventually. The layout of the Cross Media theatres used some of the new words.

I am also thinking about  another online test phase for #mtw3. Concluding with innovation and academic publishing seemed to work ok and would relate to the LCC topics as I remember. Things don't change that much. So the week before could suit. 31 oct, 1 and 2 Nov includes a Thursday so could link to radio show in Exeter.

Thing is with the ZPD it can work both ways. Early next year BETT will be at ExCel and probably the technology thought suitable for schools will not be far behind that bought for games etc over the holidays. The new possibilities will work back to King's Cross - the Guardian, British Library etc. There is still the rest of the year to work out some convincing scaffolding for Cross Media 2013.