Twinity without maps could make travel faster, CQI to Work Foundation in ten minutes

As mentioned previously Twinity seems unable to offer anything based on maps, just at the moment or rather since about Jan 10th.

So there is scope for just mixing up sites as locations for each other. I had though that the space outside the Work Foundation could be used for meetings. But as it is not available I have been looking at the other places to visit. The "telecafe" is suitably round. There may be an upstairs floor of the Work Foundation that looks much the same even if it is for staff only.

Twinity has not yet reached the CQI even when fully working. It has got to Cursitor Street and this has got seats. But meanwhile we might visit my friend Source Dubious in Fleet Street. The result is to have one space to talk about quality ideas and another to talk about learning organisations and updates on such ideas. I think there is not as much of a gap as sometimes appears. Conversation could continue on a walk along the Strand. Or by other means.