Vimeo Arts Council Creative Commons Isca Obscura Exeter Cathedral projection #animatedexeter

There is now a much better version than mine on YouTube. Seems a bit dark when viewed on Vimeo directly, but it can be downloaded then works fine full screen. You may need to register for Vimeo to get this option. It is clearly Creative Commons so ok to remix including the soundtrack. Official Arts Council policy so this is very welcome. Lots of people could have a version of this public event but few with the skills to get this result. Kevin Clifford has other work on Vimeo as well.

I have been thinking about a mix  with something more on the Green Man, including a different sound. The graphics change to a different mood but the sound is still the same.  So far I have asked Hum for suggestions and he has linked me to Gaia, but this is almost as long as the original. I don't mind the emphasis in the piece, just feel it needs a bit of a lift at the end. Not sure how many photos or video of the Green Man phase exist. Creative Commons source for the sound is welcome. Hum usually agrees to most requests. But I will take this a bit slowly. I don't have the skills really but may meet a VJ.