Welcome new followers @mlearningblog @learningcouncil #BETT2011

Not getting much info response from my direct questions about BETT. See below.

But I am reaching someone so will continue the direction. Not sure where they are.

@mlearningblog  looks like Seattle

@learningcouncil recently met in Houston

BETT is mostly for UK schools but is also the biggest UK tech show. It fills Olympia, an ancient building fill of nooks and crannies. Expect some news about mobile devices. Not exactly Las Vegas but most products are actually available in Europe.

Unanswered questions

Why is there an extra Adobe stand on the floorplan for the balcony?

Where is the Open Source village? If there is not one there this year, what links to check? (Search on Moodle finds stands, they may know where elese to go)

Is there any UK gov presence? BECTA has been terminated. 

@educationgovuk @bisgovuk   any tweets on #BETT2011 ?

my guess so far is that UK gov is just in budget saving mode on this one, can't find any policy

"stand" is a UK word for "booth"