Will it just be Flash for Adobe at Learning Technologies? #LT12uk

It is now very rare for Adobe to turn up at a UK show. No Postscript at IPEX. No Creative Suite at BETT. So where the page layout skills of the future will come from we just don't know. Off the web presumably.

But Adobe has two stands at Learning Technologies, Stand 6 near the entrance and also 113 for Adobe Connect. It used to be Macromedia that had a stand at LEarning Technologies and it always seemed to be more Flash than PDF. I was confused about Connect since around Acrobat 8 when the new features in Acrobat seemed to have nothing to do with PDF. And the features that were already there were not mentioned. So the JDF creation is still not widely known and print workflows still have occasional issues.

However UK bandwidth is now reasonable in some places so video conferencing is possible and worth looking into.

It appears Connect will extend to more devices through Android. This is interesting.

Also converters into HTML5. Only the paranoid survive, tech talk for watching trends.