Will's Wonderful World of Digital Music Video, talk now mostly online

The central weekend for Animated Exeter is now getting crowded with events so I have decided to cancel the talk intended for the Saturday morning. There will still be chances to discuss the issues arising. I have some CDs with the main examples. I will use the Animx blog to continue a conversation. Some of it will turn up here also.

This evening there is the second review group at Spacex. I am trying to interest them in the demoscene and music video. There are AVI files of Xerxes at Breakpoint in 2008 and 2009. The animation is projected on a screen behind the performance. It is not that distinct in shape and very abstract. The edit only shows the images on a few occasions. Maybe so as not to distract from the music performance.

The Animate Projects work at Spacex has indistinct sound. More variety may turn up. Landings will have closed before the analogue to Digital event so musicians should have a look soon.