Winterlude continues, quick browse for Guardian , Haymarket

I will have another look later in the week. This is still fairly relaxed. But my guess is still  that digital media have developed an edge. On Saturday the print Guardian reported strong sales for printed books. There is specualtion that tablets sold better than e-readers but no numbers yet. If it is reported by the Guardian online eventually it may take a while.

I think they will do more with sound. There are several accounts on Soundcloud but not much content. 

Printweek not in print till next week I think. I have found tweets from Haymarket Media. They retweeted Louise Ridley -

Cool infographic: How social media is changing events 

Infographic is all about the effect of social media on events, mostly positive. So what will happen with the pace of print industry events such as IPEX every four years? Cross Media Live may be more sensible every year. Maybe last year is still worth thinking about.

So the out of time feeling I get may be caused by a slower pace or it may continue. The Winterlude definitely includes BETT and this has real dates.