Winterlude seems to have started, Learning Technology though Online Information

Last year I started a cloudscape on Cloudworks about a winterlude, a phase for reflection / concentration on UK trade shows

There is a mix of relax / reflect and intensive events

This year the online aspect seems to have merged it all together and started a bit early. Also the print aspect is slowly vanishing from the London area. There will be Northprint next year  but Total Print seems to have gone.

The magazine for Learning Technologies is now published. One story by Neil Lasher is about "just too late" learning, content found in a hurry which is where mobile devices come in. There has to be more about mobiles somehow to make sense of Online Information.

Learning Technology is next to a Skills event. Last year there was quite a lot of tech on the ground floor, it is not too clear what the gap is about.

The Online conference may have more about organisations. Stephen Dale, conference chair, has indicated this in his blog

The agenda last year started with web science and then social media took over the buzz. 30nov - 2 dec

Most of the business information will be in English but there is now an Asian event as well

23-24 march 2011. Most of the stands seem to be booked from the UK. No sign of Highwire yet.

BETT will have the feature moved to fill the gap left by BECTA. As described on the site-

"Each day the stand will feature children working in new ways and guests will be drawn from practitioners in the creative industry sector to talk about the learning skills and strategies that they need as they design the games and new media experiences that have in turn sent the world problem solving and learning."

There was an Open Source Village last year, not sure what form this will take but video is available from other events

Adobe will be at BETT and at Learning Technolgy but not at Online unless someone at the XML section smuggles in something. The future is Flash, video and animation. Apple thinks the same, except Flash as such. Will this appeal to the librarians? or the school admin?  will Twitter offer some guidance?