#winterlude3 wake up to BBC Radio 4 but can't remember details on eBook etc.

Woke up this morning to Today onRadio 4. I think it was someone from Harper Collins but can't be sure. Anyway the point seemed to be that a lot of devices were given over Christmas so e-book sales will have another boost. Then there was discussion about how printed books are still wonderful and you would not want expensive gadgets in a messy kitchen. Actually I think there could be a screen in the fridge for restocking or next to the microwave with how things ought to look.

As this was part of the business news it is hard to find on the BBC Today page. A search on Harper Collins finds the New York Times and      a guess that this will have been another e-book Christmas. But the news seems to be that libraries are now the big danger to builing eboook sales on the gadget gifts.

Apparently Simon and Shuster have never allowed public libraries to stock e-books.

So this could be the next topic for the guardians of civilisation close to the Today studio and worried about The Book. For Public Libraries, it could be a difficult new year.

For #winterlude3 this is a step change. After Christmas is definitely different.


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