word groups , Prezi and mindmap to follow

As mentioned previously the OLDS MOOC is taking up time. I don't find a Prezi very easy to follow, impressive though. On a mind map I am just lost. But I may get the hang of it later.

So here are some words for the next week or so to make connections with other posts and groups-


#mosocoop                #mtw3

OLDS MOOC            city

Communication          radio


#mosocoop        face to face meeting in March ? cloud on Cloudworks can be worked with for design science
                       main focus - sustainability

#mtw3                design science could be a theme
                         first conferences started with learning organisation and technology
                          critique can be a block to implementation ; the will to form has many shapes
                           work foundation conclusion can include knowledge unlatched, universities also disrupted
                               links back to learning organisation

OLDS MOOC          my project open video production
                               also virtual worlds / digital literacy

Cities                         “ThinkTank – Ideal City of the 21st Century” http://digital.leuphana.de/
                                  My interest is blended cities, more resource for online versions
                                   playable Bristol         Exeter / Phonic FM      Twinity Berlin etc.

Communication           IPEX  /  Cross Media  /  London College of Communications Futures Conference
                                     OhmyNews International ( archive from about 4 years ago, UK bandwidth catching up)

Radio                              Wild Show Thursday mornings 10 - 12 Phonic FM is a bit of real time and space away from my screen
                                        ( assumes CD players working, else mp3)
                                         topics to include scifi weekend , animation, Sundown
                                          open resources / copyright , can we use sound, images on YouTube