Xerox agenda at drupa makes a lot of sense #drupa #JDF #PDF/VT

Taking out one sentence from a blog post-

There are three major workflow themes this year at the show; Automation, Open Solutions, and the Cloud.

This is a very good start. Not sure what other offers there are but the Xerox idea on "open" is interesting-

We have an area discussing Freedom to Print, a solution that enables document workflows across both Xerox and non-Xerox print devices.  The next generation of Xerox Mobile Printpowered by the Cloud will demonstrate mobile printing from an array or smart devices and tablets.

 I hope to find more about this. I'm looking at drupa from a distance but I remember that at IPEX the Xerox stand was next to Heidelberg and they had complete production info on each Heidelberg device. So Freedom to Print is technically possible and should be supported.