YouTube Playlist starts off #mtw3 online

This playlist is a start on an online version of Management Theory at Work

It takes over four hours but this is not essential. There are two versions of the opening keynote by John Burgoyne. One has a better view of the slides but voice only.

Then it is mostly about design. The extracts from Phonic are just comments really, but listen out tomorrow for some more. 10 to 10.30.

Scientific Leadership could relate to Design Science, as described in Diana Laurillard's recent book ( the talkk is ahead of publication but covers similar themes)

Gibson Burrell describes the range of what Design might mean to different people.

Frankly I have not yet found the hour and a half to view completely The Design Science of Collaboration. But I will return to it. These days are just a wakeup from summer drift, there is still plenty of time.