ABC stats Guardian online exclusive

By exclusive I mean not in the print version. 

Yesterday I paid 0ne pound and forty pence for the Monday Guardian with the media section. I could not find anything about the numbers on print circulation. So today I checked through Google and found a few Guardian stories but all online only as far as I know. My guess is that they think the print audience can continue in a different world just as long as it might possibly hang on. 

The Guardian is doing ok for the season but there is still a decline over the year.  There is more interest in other titles. The FT is down 16 % on the year. In a blog post by Roy Greenslade ( what would it cost to repeat this in print by the way? ) it is reported that the FT will move to a single print edition for the UK.  

Comment from Roy Greenslade

It is clear from the decision to take this new step that Barber is preparing for the day when it becomes uneconomic to continue producing the newsprint paper. It will, in effect, become obsolete.

Other interesting numbers are the Guardian "headline" circulation - 197,542 - and the Saturday number - 355,173. This suggests the possibility that if the Guardian reduced print production there might still be a weekend magazine.

The weekend content is likely to be mostly for consumer interests. The specialist sections such as Media and Education are now much better online than in print.  

My guess is that most business to business magazines are also moving online or losing advertising to other online sites. Maybe the Guardian will have something about this at some time. Will Haymarket be included in the occasional profiles? They seem to be making some moves. Next week the Cross Media event includes Brand Republic as a media partner.