Sound keynote updated #mtw3 John Burgoyne

Management Theory at Work version three continues with a new version of the talk already available on YouTube. Search on #mtw3 to find the previous clips. 

There will be video clips from this hour long talk later. It will take some time to edit. 

If you need to skip to the main points, try virtual action learning around minute 35,  some links to TQM around 50 minutes in, and mention of an update to the book on the Learning Company around 57 minutes in. 

I'm travelling at the moment so will do a longer description later. 

What strikes me is a more relaxed approach to leadership than in the previous talks. Instead of something coming to an end there is a question of how virtual leadership will be thought about. Also there are stronger links with quality and systems. Maybe this is because I asked some specific questions about my own interests. But I think there is more coherence over a longer period of time than I was expecting. The issues around the first two Management at Work conferences fit into this perspective without major blocks.