Some links on quality study in universities, CQI start

This is just a cut and paste job at the moment. I have found a page from the current Quality World magazine available online. There are several comments about the future of quality and I have found links for the academic bases. I am interested in where this is happening. I get the impression that quality is not widely studied in UK business schools but maybe it is just hard to find the links.


Professor Howard Gitlow, Professor of Management Science, University of Miami, US


Professor Andrew Thomas, Professor of International Operations and Supply Chain Management, University of Glamorgan, Wales


Prof Sung H Park, Department of Statistics, Seoul National University, South Korea


Professor Douglas Montgomery, Arizona State University, US


Professor Thong Ngee Goh, National University of Singapore, Singapore


Professor Bo Bergman, Professor of Quality Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology


Professor Bengt Klefsjo, Professor of Quality Management, Lulea University of Technology


Juhani Anttila, Academician, International Academy for Quality, Finland


Dr Shirley Coleman, Industrial Statistics Research Unit, Newcastle University, England


Dr Alex Douglas, Liverpool John Moores University, England


Professor Jiju Antony, Professor of Quality Management, University of Strathclyde, Scotland


There are two PDF files that turned up. there may be more later when I check out more around these sites. Both mention ISO 9000 . There may be more academic content during the discussion on the revision. ISO 9000 is not very exciting as an academic topic but it remains an issue.  see the blog post by Juhani Anttila.