@Ipexia2014 Radio show at Cross Media, some delay

This blog post is to expand on the Tweets so far. Ipexia seems to think that Cross Media involves a radio show for Daily Mail readers. I think there is more to it than that. I feel she should be concerned because Cross Media next week may have more about avatars and radio than the IPEX event next year. I could be wrong of course but I guess the emphasis on print could return as IPEX gets closer. 

Couple of links that fit in. David Hepworth in the Guardian ( some people read this and not the Daily Mail by the way)  thinks that the people who actually listen to radio are often over 50. The young find mp3 by various means. But according to the Cross Media blog not only did video fail to kill the radio star but both continue happily as digital media.

Myself I help with the Wild Show on Phonic FM most Thursday mornings 10 -12. It is live on FM in Exeter then some bits appear online later. Next week I may phone in from the Cross Media event. Or I may be so busy and interested that some recording will appear later. Or the interviews may not be that interesting so someone will decide to play music or talk about something else. 

Any suggestions welcome. Links to other sounds especially if creative commons or otherwise ok for broadcast. Top question for me is how to get clarity that content marketing implies permission for reuse. Maybe more than intended but some clarity would help. My assumption is that any sound at a trade show is public.