@Ipexia2014 @Kexino Giraffe at RAMM, Exeter Museum

My recent tweet was a bit mysterious so this post may explain. Started with Ipexia suggesting that AR and QR stand for quite ridiculous and absolutely ridiculous. (Next week Cross Media show will doubtless feature technology for adding content to a mobile device ) 

I saw a demo of a pop up dinosaur at BETT so suggested to RAMM that something similar could work with a giraffe. In Exeter, The Royal Albert Memorial Museum ( to at leasat explain what RAMM means) used to have a giraffe in a central position with a balcony above. Since the improvements there is now a cafe in this space and the giraffe is out at the back.  

Surely you could take a suitable device to the balcony and when you looked down the giraffe would reappear just as it used to be? Depending on a sign in the tray or on a mug or a cloud database of previous views? 

We have discussed this on the Wild Show, Phonic FM Thursdays but so far can't explain well enough to get RAMM interest. I will report back any new info.

Info on similar applications that already work would help.