More on "positioning" , blog source from Futurelearn brands course

Week one coming to an end and a quick reread has found a better source on "positioning" . 

Previously I wrote about Will Hutton's article about university funding and I suggested he was doing some "positioning".  The universites not much involved in MOOCs etc. are presented as if they either don't need to be or else have a better situation carrying on as normal. Digital courses presented as low quality option for those who can't afford something better. 

Now I have found that some of the Brands course is based on a blog so it must be ok to link and quote. 

1) Abolish positioning. Think purpose.

Don’t try to manufacture a place in the world. Don’t obsess about the competition and differentiating from them. Instead, as with all good design, start with the question ‘why?’. Why do we exist? Why would anybody need us? Why is what we do useful? Why would people pay (in time or money or whatever) for it? Why is it valuable (in all the senses of that word)? In other words, define a sense of purpose – the difference you want to make, socially and commercially.

Think, for example, how powerful GE’s sense of purpose – imagination at work – has been in creating growth. Or how Google’s greatest inventions have come from its commitment and encouragement of experimental behaviour among its employees. The high-growth businesses of the future will all be, at heart, purposeful. And purpose is the source of value-creativity.

This seems a good explanation for what "positioning" means. Course is useful in backing up ideas and suggesting links. 

I think there will be several changes in how online learning is regarded and it may take many different forms. Next week OUP Community Manager at Cross Media. Should be interesting.