@Ipexia2014 virtual worlds, emoticons

Too much for a Tweet but not enough time to cover in full. 

Ipexia seemed to be from a virtual world but I can't remember how long ago this was. Now she mostly exists via tweets. 

Story in the International New York Times ( new this last week, only 40p more than the Guardian in the UK so well worth considering if only on occasions) 

Beyond Babel, China’s Virtual Future

There is mention of Second Life but RMB City was in 2007. Xu Bing is more recent and sources include emoticons and variations on text.

Has social media changed to include anonymity and fantasy? Enough that avatars in virtual worlds are no longer needed so much? 

Back on another topic, for AR and QR to work they need to be linked to something. 

Ipexia, what do you think?