Info on playlist for Wild Show this Thursday

As explained previously I will be at the Cross Media Show in Islington this Thursday so will not be in the Phonic studio, Exeter. I usually do the first half hour so have left a CD with the storyteller from the previous show. The reason I usually do the first half hour is that JD is sometimes stuck in traffic on the way from Totnes and Chris sometimes finds the bus from Countess Weir more reliable than at other times. But they may both turn up before my CD finishes and / or have something else to play. Our approach is very flexible so these tracks may turn up on another occasion. 

Anyway, they are sort of based around Superheavy. I was reminded of Superheavy when I noticed that Nitin Sawhney appeared at Mama Stones in Exeter with Joss Stone. I found a couple of tracks on YouTube and then heard an interview with Anoushka Shankar on the BBC World Service. The summer before last we managed an outside broadcast from the Exeter flood prevention space between the river and canal. It can dry out and would be suitable for a  Superheavy concert but so far nobody has come back to us with a date. 

So JD, Chris, you may need to reverse order this if you want to say "and before that you heard" and soforth

Anoushka Shankar - Traces Of You ft. Norah Jones

Produced and arranged by Nitin Sawhney

Nitin Sawhney feat Joss Stone, Sunset @ Mama Stone 19092013

Don't know the name of the first singer, ask for a phone in

Wicked Time - Joss Stone And Nadirah (alfie tracksound)

additional vocals by Mick Jagger, produced by Mick and Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart 'Every Single Night' in Frankfurt @ Gibson Club

long version of current single ( you could fade it as time allows) 

By the way, for discussion at Cross Media or anywhere this is where "radio" may be heading. All done from YouTube and the audience deserts the station at any time they find a better thread.