Cross Media update #3 - IPEX

Next year Cross Media will be have a title with emphasis on Production and be part of IPEX at Excel.  It will not have as many days as the main IPEX but the space is near the Konica Minolta stand. I think it quite likely they will continue the cross media themes from last week. Even if the IPEX discussion returns to heavy metal there is now a space for digital issues to be raised.

There was mention of a Konica Minolta B2 machine suitable for packaging. This is probably part of the arrangement with Komori announced in Chicago. Komori will be the sponsor for the Eco Zone even though they previously joined the list of companies deciding not to exhibit.  

IPEX is shaping up as a digital show with the strongest representation being from Japan. Of course it may be later proved that trade shows have very little effect. But it could also turn out that IPEX clarifies a new shape for print. Screen and Fuji did not cancel and also offer B2 sheets.