Cross Media update #2 - Haymarket

There was a Haymarket stand even though they sold Printweek and there was no show daily as at Digital Print World and Total Print, previous versions of what used to be Southprint. 

I think there is still a place for print but it is in a balance within communication. The show got this over well, it seems to have settled down on this basis. And Haymarket is moving in  a similar direction. Less print but still part of the offer. There were three magazines on the stand, Campaign, Marketing and PR Week. PR Week is now monthly but the name is the same. Seems very sensible, like the Radio Times remaining well known even though it is mostly about television. Maybe the London College of Printing could have kept the name people knew about but anyway I may be going off topic.

Revolution and Media Week have gone into the website as far as I can tell. Brand Republic has content from each print title. The Wall is a blog, seems mostly about digital. Campaign seems strong enough as a weekly, maybe advertising people like print. Marketing may be less about advertising but still interested in graphics.

Meanwhile the Guardian has yet to do a guide to Haymarket in the series on a Monday. I think they should do something soon. Things could change again to make it more obvious which brand is about what.