More on ###tags - #Deming20 and #Zappa20

The hashtag for the South West Music Awards worked ok eventually - #13swma . It took a while to get known but I found through Topsy that it was widely used. I am going to experiment with some other ones, to promote Phonic benefits and to identify video relating to Edwards Deming.

This may seem an odd combination but as it happens the next Phonic event is around Frank Zappa. Both Zappa and Deming died 20 years ago roughly so this may be a good time to evaluate where there work is now. As with #13swma I will set up a playlist on YouTube and develop the list through tweets.

I hope to find some Japanese quality ideas as well as Deming. I think he gained something in Japan as well,as teaching. this is not often mentioned in books and there is not much I can find about recent work on Deming, especially in Asia. But maybe thewre is video somewhere and Twitter could be a way to find it. 

I contribute to the Wild Show on Phonic FM. Usually when I play a record from the 70s I am described as bringing back "hospital radio" and we then have to play something from this century. So I wonder if we will get to play much Zappa on daytime.

Please search on #Deming20 and #Zappa20 in a while, nothing there yet.