David Keogh and Chilcot concerns

The Daily Mail has reported concerns that the Chilcot enquiry may never conclude as there is a problem in being able to publish certain documents, including notes between Tony Blair and President Bush.

I have been looking back at stories I did for OhmyNews at the time of the trial of David Keogh and Leo O'Connor. As reported in the Daily Express they were sent to jail for leaking documents rumoured to relate to Al Jazeera. A statement in court was not reported. The legal approach relied on special statements signed by a minister.

The two stories I can find so far are here and here. OhmyNews has not gone away. I am not going to fill this blog with finding it all again but I think this history could be relevant.

There are limits on what the London papers usually report. Sometimes there is more ion the USA reporting, for example the Daily Beast or New York Times.