A lot more tags - #ZionARK , #Nerdmare , #MARTHAREEVESvan

There was reasonable progress with #13swma for the South West Music Awards. It did get used and the video is getting some views. It actually takes much longer than expected for anything on YouTube to be discovered but eventually this could build up ok. I am mostly working with events that repeat so I guess they are discovered the next time around.

As well as #Zappa20 and #Deming20 ( see previous post ) I have now started on the other events for Phonic over the rest of the year. there is a reggae evening this Friday with Zion Train, the Nerdmare before Christmas, and also Martha and the Vandellas. Not a Phonic benefit but an event I look forward to. Also there is a lot of video already available.

Not sure how the ### will work. They may find several other events. The Martha wording is the same as her Twitter address. I now realise there is a proper video on iTunes so I don't think there is a case for trying another. There may be bits and pieces though, enough to suggest what happens in each location.

The general idea is to find ways of using Twitter to relate to the video. Additional video from the actual event so the playlist improves over time.

This could also work with #Deming20 but there is more theory involved here. Some new ideas coming up through Furturelearn courses. So more in next post when I catch up with this week's content.