#Deming20 recent Quality Circles doc found on YouTube

I am continuing to look for YouTube clips for a #Deming20 playlist. There is a lot now available but not much from recently. I still think that Quality Circles have not been tried in the USA and UK. So research and comment from Asia is interesting. Two clips found today. The short link for the playlist is http://bit.ly/1hXb4td near the top are a comment on Quality Circles in the USA ( Lean is included in this discussion at this time) and a short documentary on the history of Quality Circles and recent experience in India.

I don't think there is much recent research on Deming in UK business schools. Maybe some of the ideas are presented as part of Lean or other terms. Not sure about this. The credits for the video include Prof SG Deshmukh, who is Director of ABV - IITM in Gwalior. I will try and find out more about links to articles.