#Deming20 #QWcover Edwards Deming as story telling

This is another post trying to establish the tag #Deming20 ahead of the twenty years since his death, coming up at the end of this month. I think there is some value in getting a tag well enough known to find whatever turns up.

Recently there has been a cover story on Quality World in the UK showing Deming in the 50s and mentioning Japanese ideas - Ohno, Shingo - as following on from this. Some Deming fans would see his ideas also later in this timeline and of continuing relevance today.

I'm interested in the idea that his views may have changed over time. Because he is used as a reference it may be easier to look for coherence and stability. But over a long period of time you would expect some reflection and change. What to think of how the ideas were adapted in Japan? Why the delay till the '80s for much interest in the USA? What happened then? Why the emphasis on psychology and knowledge in the New Economics?

If there was some development, how might this have continued? I notice a lot of interest in analytics from web designers but not much discussion on how this relates to process. Maybe I missed it. Please use #Deming20 for links.

Also could someone tell the story of how Sociology arrived? At one point in time there was Max Weber studies and other elements. Then it became a subject. Not sure of the dates.