#13swma Video plug and play it again Wild Show

I have done a plug video for the #13swma tag. Still not widely understood I think. I am getting into repeating myself but it varies a bit. 

There will be some interest in the South West Music Awards by the end of next week so it may work out soon. I think there is more that can be done with #tags. During the Unexpected festival there was some progress but it is still a niche sort of thing I think. 

Some links through previous clip on Soundcloud, edit from Wild Show. The copyright issues are easier with music than with visual art. So far anyway. so I hope this can be mixed up a bit, even just for discussion. Prince and Joss Stone in very shortened edit, just to show how the radio fits together. Joss has said she is ok with video from performance, but not sure about Vevo. comment welcome, the listen again form of radio has got to be looked at. 

I am still assuming the sound around the South West Music Awards is for promotion so can be edited and used for social media. Time will tell. 

The reference to #swma13 is out of date unless you are looking for Support Working Moms Act