#13swma play it again from yesterday on Phonic

The South West Music Awards are turning out to be a viable system for experiment with social media including video and sound. A lot of changes but still moving.  

The YouTube playlist worked ok on Phonic yesterday. I sat in for the Big Wednesday ( back to normal next week ) 10 -12 . Apart from one glitch with the news feed I managed to cope with the desk. Guests arrived a bit later, 10 is early for some on the music scene.

So now there is an archive, 45 min on Soundcloud and just under 15 on YouTube. 

(Still not in good status with YouTube following complaint from Prince, see previous posts so 15 min is the limit) 

Now confirmed that the venue has definitely changed to 


1 Cowick Street


By St Thomas Station


I think sound is showing the way for web media. Academic print publishing may be similar over time. More on this when #13swma is over in a couple of weeks.