Apple , Adobe , mobility and learning

During an online discussion about mobile learning I tried to find some links for how Adobe and Apple have approached this. Not so much the products but how they encourage developers to get used to new ideas. I realise that in education the word learning can have specialised meanings. But it is also part of normal life, such as quality issues and/or new devices. Trouble is I can't find much of a record on how the changes around moving to  mobile were covered. So this is both something to come back to and a request for help with links or memory.

Meanwhile a couple of places to start from when looking for current resources



The critique view seems to be that such companies can also be looked at as examples of how financial interests operate. I don't see why you can't look for case studies also. As the technology shifts there are going to be examples of how learning changes.

As mentioned in a previous post I don't think either Adobe or Apple will be at IPEX. So this blog will link online and that is another reason to go out of time occasionally. Imagining a week in March is just part of it.