@DalekPercy #nerdmareX Dalek interview continues via tweet

I will get back to IPEX and soforth but meanwhile the Phonic FM Christmas Party looms and the promotion is a chance to learn more about social media. I will have left Exeter for Lancaster by then but hope there will be some video or stills, even some sounds from the FM archive.

I have got somewhere with combining #tags and video. Twitter is not so well known as it might be. I think it is a minority of people who use it, but the #tag aspect works just as well for YouTube and Facebook. I still get lost on Facebook but can find a playlist with #13swma or #ZionARK . The aim is to use the playlist ahead of an event and then add something recorded live. Seems ok to assume the performers welcome recording but I have deleted later when there is something wrong on a specific clip. 

See previous post for more about #nerdmareX. There is more than one nerdmare, that's the problem.

I am going to try to find out if you can do an interview via Twitter. (By the way, I am doing quite well with Martha Reeves though I think she must be busy with travel. She is not keen on amateur video at her concerts because of the sound quality. I may try out just concentrating on the audience. It could be edited later with better stuff from somewhere else. Also she says a version of Come See About Me was recorded in Nashville in the 80s. I will later try to track down all the variations in the Holland Dozier Holland songbook. And where are they now, these Nashville musicians who cover Motown?)

Anyway, back to the Phonic FM Christmas Party. Martha Reeves and the Vandellas is sold out at the Phoenix Exeter. We have to move on.

At the Phonicon I was fortunate to get an interview with a Dalek in the Phoenix Art Gallery. The News from the Sun seemed to me to be pessimistic about the near future or even the present depending how far off you think communications tech is.

So my questions for Dalek Percy are

Do you plan to attend the Phonic FM Christmas Party?

Are you optimistic about the future?