misc notes #2

It turns out that there is a Google connection with the MOOC idea. They are supporting a new site called MOOC.com . Found a report in the Chronicle of Higher Education. But I can't see any cause for panic or alarm. Probably John Naughton will report this at length later. Maybe he has already and I missed it. I don't buy the Observer every week and my point of view has been influenced by Guardian negativity as I see it.

Checked out the BETT website. Google will be pushing the Chromebook. This is a genuine technology show. There are still some in education who keep a distance but I think there is a lot to learn at such an occasion.

No media section in the print Guardian today, but there is an ad for the new Android App. Make your own mind up where this is heading. I don't think the Guardian will continue in print on weekdays indefinitely. The specialist sections are not getting the resource to justify the cover price on any scale of circulation.

But I guess there will be something about the MOOC during January.