misc notes #4

Just checking bits of paper from the mobile holiday, now coming to an end. Scribble from listening to Today program on the Web. Not sure Sir Paul Nurse was detailing the research outside universities during the UK industrial revolution. Some engineering I think. But I was going back to sleep at the time. So this is a topic to come back to.

It made me think about the current scene. There is research into online learning as could be used by universities but there is also work by companies who happen to need some sort of learning to occur. 

Various magazines skip read. Business to Business moving out of print. Not sure of the timescale. Lots on brands, will look again at Futurelearn course. Can academic terms be thought of as brands - Management Learning, Networked Learning, Critical Management Studies - not sure, but the Futurelearn course sees almost everything as a brand. InPublishing Nov / Dec David Hepworth advice to interns is not to sue Conde Nast for wasting their time but just get on and make the tea. They might be just as well off doing a startup.

Don't get me wrong. I like print magazines but they may just vanish one day. I am losing track of time. Meanwhile there is still a bookshop on the Exeter university campus but it is scheduled to close at the end of January. I still think it was strange to design the new forum without a bookshop. It is now hidden away in the student union area but at least some people know where it is. 

Putting Cross Media alongside IPEX should demonstrate how media can mix. There is still a place for a bookshop. Also magazines in various formats.

Time to get the hard copy out of the archive.