Media Market Place, Leeds scaffolding for Cross Media

Through Cross Media magazine I now realise that Leeds is the location this week for an event that looks like defining what Cross Media and IPEX 2014 are about. I missed the first one but Media Market Place 2 is supported very strongly by the BPIF so has a solid base in the classic printing industry. Kathy Woodward writes that "traditional media and digital are already working hand in glove, and they will continue to do so."

I hope to find more over the next couple of days. The event is on Friday. #mediamarketplace2 on Twitter finds that there will be 3D printing. It turns out that  is based in the Elephant and Castle though the website covers the UK. There is mysterious technology such that you can walk down a path next to a roundabout near Old Street and only twenty minutes later appear on a roundabout path near the Elephant and Castle. So although the route to ExCEL is mostly through East London it may not matter much exactly where it is. We need some scaffolding to help learn what Cross Media is about. Study of Media Marketplace is a start.