I am definitely out of time and place

The Media Market Place has convinced me that Cross Media is a functioning set of ideas.  The BPIF is very clear and also there seem to be several other groups involved in Leeds. Electronics and 3D printing. Meanwhile news about IPEX continues. There will still be a sharper focus at ExCEL next year but I think the technology and how people respond to it now relates to a spread in time over a few years. I guess the Leeds event will carry on next year, just to relate a bit to actual space. Not everyone will travel from Yorkshire to the Thames.

Citizen Journalism and the Guardian also covers a few years. I will try to stay calm while looking back on previous posts and relating them to what turns up. One problem seems to be that as the resource for weekdays declines there is less reporting on Education and Media, so the weekend book culture just starts again as if the last half decade or so never happened. I wonder if they would reconsider if printed Monday to Friday was cancelled.