Guardian Witness, some more clues

I have tried to submit a couple of bits of text. Nothing moderated so far. Suggested topic around the return of Jeff Jarvis. Also a note on the Kodak Zi8 as an example of technology. Everything Everywhere may be the dynamic in this situation. They ask the question what is technology allowing you to do? My answer reports accurately that I use the card in the Zi8 to upload from a desktop, sometimes days later. But I am looking at phone cameras and mobile upload speeds here in Exeter. This may be too complex a report, not sure yet.

It turns out that the software is also available from so something similar will happen whatever the Guardian manages to do. I still have not seen anything in print except the ads, I guess they are paid for by Everything Everywhere. Editor Brand Dissonance continues. On the one hand the Guardian is innovating global digital brand extensions. On the other hand the print version continues as if the customers are happy to read the proper print journalists as usual.

The internet is a bit like a soap opera, in that the dialogue often seems phoney. As a human, you know this. You know a lot of that squabbling and babbling just doesn't ring true. No species that angry could have survived the invention of fists. Online, even a whimsical chit-chat about the cutest part of a kitten can rapidly descend into a bitterly entrenched civil war that tears families apart, with brother turning on brother while their mother looks on, weeping. Resolving Palestine looks like a piece of piss by comparison.

Will the comment in print have anything positive to say about the web in general or Guardian Witness in particuilar?

It may be too early to tell but we can make a guess