Four stories to be repeated

I seem to have some relation to the witness contribution situation around the Guardian. It helps me to try things out. Stories can take various forms. This blog is best suited to probing or guessing.

Two stories from yesterday are still there. On Guardian Witness the EE topic of technology includes my note about phone cameras and bandwidth. I will come back to this somewhere and put in a link. I don't think I will submit photos or video. It appears that video ends up on the Guardian YouTube channel with a preroll ident. I may as well stick to my own channel and continue with Creative Commons.

n0tice has put a marker on their map for my mention of the Wild Show coffee break. We really do meet every week or at least someone will be there. I will mention this on Thursday. Thiscityscentre continues as a topic for the rest of this year so could relate to other high streets reported on n0tice. That's a number zero where the o might be.

My suggestion for a story about Jeff Jarvis has not been accepted. ( 2days no reply safe to assume). I can understand thjis is maybe not a situation the Guardian wants to emphasise. In brief, way back Jeff Jarvis wrote about every other week in the Media pages on a Monday. Then this stopped. ( I did enquire about a formal date but got no reply). Then the Review on a Saturday described Jarvis as a "cyberhustler" and selectively quoted his choice of words about the BBC. But then he appears on the speaker list for a Guardian conference. So maybe he is back in favour or maybe it is just a grid of possible opinions. Either way it is a story to follow. Maybe it is just me who is confused about the Guardian mix of panic from literary critics and enterprising digital innovation.

The fourth story is about the mooc, the massive online open course. See next post.