Local digital media place Exeter UK on planet

Exeter may be a suitable spot to look at new forms of local media. I have been wondering what the minimum scale is for a viable city. The Leuphana MOOC seemed to me to be building up the benefits of large scale and not looking much at web aspects. But maybe with a priority for online resources the physical scope could be quite small.

I notice that the Guardian witness software is also n0tice and as mentioned in previous space I managed to add something. Any high street, any window to look out of. More on this later. I also found that Local World will experiment with Exeter ( and Cambridge and Derby) as case studies in transformation.


Steve Auckland, Local World Group CEO said:

“This is the first stage of reequipping our businesses to be really fit for the future. The three sites named today will help develop ideas and provide valuable insights before we roll this out to all our existing sites. It’s an exciting challenge to balance our well run sites with a more digitally focused future while maintaining our integrity and unbeatable local skills. ”

Meanwhile the Exeter Daily has been set up with involvement of Marc Astley, previously editor of the Express and Echo. The software is available on a franchise basis and there is positive reference to citizen journalism.


I think there is enough going on to relate to web discussions and what is happening locally. My own videos are mostly local with some trade show from London and other parts of the UK. Location matters but links can move around. The RGB loop between the Apple Store, castle, Phoenix and cathedral is still a good set for a chat show. If photography is a problem in Apple or Princesshay terms then somewhere else can be edited in. Time travel continues. I am still mostly interested in the IPEX event for printing and what is now a conversation around all forms of communication.

Not so long ago the Guardian spent about £500m on kit from Man Roland.