Fiction in Phoenix basement for the next Phonicon

Depending on time around the music I will try to ask Chris and JD about some fiction for the next Phonicon, assuming there may be one. I thought it was a really interesting event that presented the whole of the Phoenix. The basement was included and there was a print workshop but on the sound side I think there could have been more. Maybe the second Phonic studio could have been open.

Around a scifi event it seems ok to play with time and space. Enough to continue round the year till the next similar occasion. I think there could be a story about a wizard upset at the poor promotion for their talk in the basement. Few people found it. They put a spell on the studio lock so nobody can use it till they are invited back with better publicity. When this happens it turns out that a Phonic listener has been locked in the studio for several weeks. They have survived and also made some dramatic recordings. Not sure what happens next. I will ask the storyteller when he returns.