Dalek interview / ustopia

I think there could be more talk around the News from the Sun show at the Phoenix. I was able to interview a Dalek and they are guardedly optimistic about the future ( depends if the Doctor has anything to do with it) . I am still reading about ustopia, seems to be a balance of views.

Nowadays it is not just aerials. Technology includes all sorts of mobile devices. Arts people have various opinions about the consequence for culture. Some recording engineers have doubts about the quality of the mp3. There could be links through Analog to Digital and also to animation. So far the demoscene is still under reported I think. I may try out ways to connect this on the Wild Show. 

Radio is one example where consumer electronics is reaching into the world of specialist equipment. DJ software is available for phones and tablets. Video also possible but the quality can vary. Conversation continues most Thursdays after the Wild Show so we can include a check on News from the Sun when it fits in.