MOOC, what is the innovation?

There is sunshine in between the showers here in Lancashire, so study of the olds mooc continues slowly. Through email I have found a recent set of papers, available for free download

One I have started on helps to explain what a mooc is about-

The disruptive innovation of MOOCs is in shifting costs from students to institutions and future employers, by offering services such as matching students to jobs using the evidence of their performance in MOOC courses.Many MOOCs are not sustainable in their current form, as they rely on venture capital and foundation funding which will either demand a return on investment or a sustainability model that does not require ongoing capital support. It is likely that different business models will emerge for MOOCs in the future, and the opportunities and threads posed to established institutions are as yet unknown but potentially significant.

MOOCs and disruptive innovation: Implications for higher education Li Yuan and Stephen Powell

I had been wondering about previous use of technology. There is a longer history than just the use of the term 'mooc'. I think there could be more on the mooc as promotion for paid courses, content marketing as others online call it.

Previous words include telematics, computer assisted learning, networked learning, probably several others I will check out later. The mooc is different because there is speculative resource trying out where it could go.

I am trying to find out more about theories of disruption. This extends the issues around learning design. The OLDS mooc course had not much about organisation and resources. The UK universities associated with Futurelearn are still investing in buildings as far as I know.