Robots and Guardian concerns, can there be an education alternative?

As I think more about radio I must try to avoid being too provocative in how I present things. So let us avoid words like "panic". Teachers do have a concern about technology. I think the background is the change in their role that learner centred design implies.

They obviously do have a point about the national curriculum and the danger of an agreed national set of facts dictated to every class. This is where today's worry about robots starts from.  But it soon becomes clear that the tablet or wifi device is only seen as a threat. the only agenda discussed is apparently coming from technology companies.

Will the Guardian find some space for the possibility that technology could support other forms of teaching and learning? Probably not, based on what they say about the MOOC situation. Trouble is that most people have access to a device as post compulsory education starts up at about four o'clock.

Some sort of discussion needs to continue. I think the Guardian should find some space for where ICT fits in and what digital literacy is. Would it include video?