Cloud Party Monumental Art / IPEX 2014 has started

I have been accepted for the project so now have a studio. What I'm working on is not much like my proposal though. I seem to trade off issues in reality with imagined virtual spaces. So the idea of a video / radio linking studio was interesting when experiencing some limits. However I have missed a week of actual broadcast so now it seems ok to prepare for the Wild Show on a Thursday ( tomorrow  I will cover the storytelling at 9 also). I think that Cloud Party might not be ready for mixing sound and video. This could come later. The expectation is for "monumental" structure as art.

Meanwhile I have been trying to think about Exeter as a small scale space you can walk across. I also think about IPEX 2014, a print show at ExCel in London. You should be able to walk from the Olympic site along the River Lea but I think it is difficult towards the end. Best advice so far seems to be to head for Limehouse then ask again. A walk from King's Cross along canal and river would be enough to consider cross media and what IPEX is about. Via Islington later this year.

So I have made a start on a sort of map that can be walked around. Not sure if the studio is open to the public. I don't know how to add text / labels . The stills are the current focus as they can be linked to other sites. Four attached to this post.

Next couple of posts, actual issues for IPEX. I may find that Cloud Party closes up time so I find it easier in one place. May last for the summer.