Kodak, Adobe, recent magazine questions for IPEX

I think IPEX has started because I realise how slowly some things move. A year or two is not a great margin of error in thinking about the timescale for print developments. For example in Digital Printer May 2013 Nessan Cleary writes about hybrid printing and how the Prosper technology is being used alongside litho. I remember the Prosper from the 2010 IPEX so had thought that newspapers would be using it by now. There could be a regional Guide in the Saturday Guardian for Bristol and west. Just my concern maybe but apparently the consumables are still expensive. Can't find the full story online but there is also a blog.

PC Pro online has only got a guide to the Real World computing section. But the printed one in July ( available now ) has two takes on Adobe and Creative Cloud. Tom Arah reckons HTML5 is getting better and that new Edge products will take over from Dreamweaver. but more worrying possibly for Adobe is a decision from Kevin Partner in the online business section. He has a couple of months left on a Creative Cloud sub but is trying out the Serif to see if he can avoid the ongoing costs of Adobe declaring the end of perpetuity. He suggests that some people won't want the constant upgrades to the latest thing. It will be interesting to see how this works out over the year as Creative Cloud becomes the only option. Adobe will probably not be at IPEX but they look to be booked for BETT, also at ExCel next year So I can use my new set in Cloud Party as one location for conversation.. Also continues in text of course.