Blended Learning, the Guardian moment

I can't find it online but yesterday there was a supplement in the Guardian Education printed version that reported on apprentice alternatives to degrees. Some people took this route to avoid debt and others seemed to find it helped them to learn. Page 7 Janet Murray wrote about meeting two students who kept working through their studies. This includes a report that more colleges and higher education institutions offer distance learning including blended learning - " a mix of distance and face-to-face " . this is a rare mention for blended learning. Too often I think we just get a rave about the dangers of the Mooc or robots replacing proper staff.

So the topic of blended learning has arrived. But it may have to wait for another supplement to go much further, just as the mobile phone companies are prompting discussion of citizen journalism.

Jeff Jarvis is still expected in the UK around July. I hope education is in the scope and some comment is repeated on Buzzmachine.