Blackwells, Nook, Exeter, Lancaster

I still have not looked at all the photos from Lancaster. But I have done a collage of the Nook stand in the campus Blackwells with the last year round bookshop on the campus in Exeter. I think the pop ups with texts for the start of term are not really the same. So this a bit of shifting in time and space. Blackwells have not really promoted mobile devices until recently. The Waterstones on Lancaster campus did not do much either. Anyway the city centre has been doing a better promotion for ages. So this shift in the picture is about the recent past. ( When libraries and journals will adjust remains to be seen)

I think you can get a Nook through Blackwells in Exeter but as there is no clear bookshop you may find John Lewis has a better display.

By the way, yesterday on Wild Show I said I would try to find Having a Wonderful Time and it is available so there will be another J G Ballard story next week. If you can't get Phonic FM this is the direct link.