Analogue to Digital, studio to consumer electronics

I won't be able to attend the Analogue to Digital event this year. The UK is getting warmer and I am heading north.

But I will try to follow some of the tweets etc. And I want to continue checking out how video fits in with sound production. A couple of years ago Sound on Sound started a feature on video production, much the same level as other articles. Video cameras costing under £2000 were reviewed. But then they dropped it. What I gathered from conversation was that musicians are interested in technology for sound but accept lower production values for video. So camera phones are ok. Also they will do a performance a few times if the video is important.

What I wonder is a) is anything similar happening with sound recording? Is it getting "good enough" as they used to say about desktop scanners in the prepress world? Can you check the levels on an app? b) will the companies that might offer video get round to it anytime soon? Avid usually turn up but last year I had to ask for any info on video to appear. I saw Roland kit at BETT but again have not seen any at the Phoenix.

My guess is that there are similar situations for both sound and video, consumer electronics getting better but still a role for the studio, even if it is changing.