Cloud party monumental art continued

I have put in my proposal, don't think it was too early but time to log off here in the UK.

Studio suggests to me a radio / video continuity space. I find radio is quick to work with. Video and 3D very difficult. So I use 2D collage as well. Cloud Party space can coexist with a radio show ( Wild Show on Phonic FM Exeter UK Thursday mornings) Space to relate to art in Exeter, this city's centre is an installation for later in the year. There could be a version in Cloud Party. I have also tried out Twinity and links to sound / video. Maybe Cloud Party needs new features, not sure.

In other words I don't know if you can have multiple feeds of sound and vision and a mix and recording. Also this may not be the sort of thing they are expecting. I don't mind lots of graphics and 3D if there is space. I think it is ok to spread images through social media. So far I think the phone is ok for stills but not sure how to do video though there is some on YouTube already.